Fuck It.




Tate was the sweetest character!

He raped her mom and killed like 10 people.

we all have our flaws

Maybe one day someone will see me the way I see you
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Tonight I realised that I can’t remember what your voice sounds like.

That is something I never wanted to forget.

You are slipping away. (via ashrenaef)
Everyone has a 2 AM and a 2 PM personality.
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Nick Jonas doing "the teacher dance" [x x x]


there is a reason I’m single and it’s called my face

WhereIsJayTW: “#WhereIsJay #NotAllowedToRide #DidNotKnowYouCouldBeTooTall #WentOnTheScramblerInstead #IAlmostThrewUp”

WhereIsJayTW: “#WhereIsJay #NotAllowedToRide #DidNotKnowYouCouldBeTooTall #WentOnTheScramblerInstead #IAlmostThrewUp”

this blog thinks that allison argent is still important
*shakes my head* it really doesn't

*Shrugs* works with me, you want to leave? -max

Why would you being me here? *looks at him* a place full of depressed people that only make me want to kill myself even more -nath

*Sighs* well this is my job, and sometimes realizing there are people who need more help then you do really helps you forget about your own problems for a while -Max

*sighs and looks down* I’m gonna go home.. See ya *gets up and throws away my badge* *walks out* -nath

*Looks over at you* Nathan where are you going? -Max
*nods* yeah I guess... *sighs and looks at her* why aren't you out of here yet Sam? -nath

*Shrugs and drinks some of my juice* im just not better yet… -sam

*nods* true 

At least you got to expirience it for a while -sam

*nods* the classes were great but the people weren’t -nath

*Nods* makes sense, if its not one its the other -sam