Fuck It.

*sighs when I get home and smiles weakly when I see Lacey asleep* *goes to my room and lays down* -nath 

*Goes to my room and lays down too* *sighs and looks around*

*takes the water and washes out my mouth* *drinks the rest of it* -nath

*looks around the room and sighs because theres nothing i can do to help you*

*gets the bucket the lady put next to my he’d and throws up* *holds the bucket close and closes my eyes* -nath

*Sighs and gets you some water so you can wash the taste out of your mouth*

*sighs and nods* thanks… *sits up and sighs* -nath

No problem *watches you and sighs*

*looks at you* okay… -nath

Good *nods a little and watches you look around for the papers* i filled them out and turned them in already…they said theyd call within the rest of the week and youd be getting the money for sure by the end of the month

*wakes up and groans* *sees you and smiles weakly* -nath

*Smiles a little* hey…how are you feeling?

*is getting some sleep before the medicine kicks in but fell asleep filling out papers for child support* -nath

*Sees all the papers on your lap and gently moves them* *reads through them and sighs* *gets a pen from the side table and finishes filling it out for you since i know everything thats needed to fill them out* *drops them off at the place and comes back before you wake up*

*nods and sighs* *goes the next day to file for child support then goes to the doctors* *has my first chemo therapy* -nath

*Skips school without you knowing and goes to the hospital so you wont be alone* *walks into the room quietly*
I'm scared... -nath

A-All i know is we c-cant lose you *hugs you tight again*

I-i don't know *cries* -nath

*doesnt let go of you and cries with you* L-Lacey c-cant l-lose y-you N-nathan *pulls away and looks at you* i-i cant lose you. I-Its not happening

*shakes my head* -nath

B-But you’ll be okay right? *tears up* y-youll get help a-and youll be okay a-and we wont lose you?

*opens the door and hugs you* I have leukemia Kass -nath

N-Nathan thats not funny *hugs you tight and hides my face in your neck* *knows your probably not kidding because youre crying* p-please tell me its just a sick joke

*closes the door and cries* -nath

*Gets home a few minutes later and walks past your room to go to mine* *frowns and walks back when i hear you crying* *kocks* nath?

Um.. *runs a hand through my hair and tears up* just stress *nods and walks upstairs* -nath

*Sees you tear up and frowns* -mum

*nods a little* I just need a few days to let it sink in yeah? *nods and gets up* *walks out and gets in my car* *drives back and walks in* -nath

*Looks up from playing with lacey and looks at you* how did it go? -mum