Fuck It.
Well I w-want to go n-now. . -nath

If i let your little girlfriend in here would you stop conplaining? *keeps doing the check up and notices you blush even though youre all red from the fever* -dr

I-i want to go home... -nath

you can go home later -dr

*lays down on the bed when they take me to a room* i-i don't want to b-be here.. -nath

Well you need to be here *starts the check up * -dr

*sighs and closes my eyes* -nath

*Drives you to the hospital and helps you in* *signs you in*

*sighs and gets dressed* -nath

*Gets my keys and phone then helps you to the car*

*sighs and slowly gets up* *leans against the counter as my knees give in* -nath

*holds you up and helps you to the bed* *gives you another set of clothes* stay sitting down while you change so you dont fall *walks out and closes the door so you can change*

*leans my head against the wall and closes my eyes* i-i don’t want t-to -nath

I dont care *looks at you* and if you dont go then i will have to take you out of this bathtub, undress you, redress you and drive you. Do you really want me to have to change you? *raises an eyebrow*

*gets hot again and goes to turn the water back on* -nath

No *looks at you* let me take you to the doctors *sighs as keep making up reasons and you keep talking* youre going whether i have to force you or not nathan james sykes

I-i don’t want t-to hear w-what h-he might tell m-me… *frowns when you turn off the shower* -nath

Its better to at least know and be able to get help *drains the water and gets you a towel*

*shakes my head* -nath

Why not? *looks at you and pushes your hair back*

*sits in the shower with my clothes on trying to cool down as the water is freezing* *closes my eyes* -nath

*Goes to the shower when i hear the water and opens the curtain* *sighs abd sits on the edge of the tub* please go to the doctor
I'll be o-okay.. *nods a little and goes to lay down* -nath // *looks at you when you get him after school the next day* he's been throwing up all day and his fever is worse... I called the dr and he said bring him in but he won't go -mum

*sighs* i’ll talk to him *goes to your room*

I-i probably just have the flu o-or something... *gets up slowly and drinks the water* -nath

yeah but the flu isnt good for you *frowns*

*shakes my head and drinks the water* *starts having a fever* -nath

*Sees you get red and gently touches your forehead* nath youre burning up, let me call you a doctor

*shakes my head and Throws up again then starts dey heaving* -nath

*Rubs your back and frowns as you start dry heaving* should i call a doctor?