Fuck It.

*okay* -jess

*you okay?*

*nods* fine… -nath // *texts you* *she’s in a coma…* -jess

*Sighs and runs my hand through my hair* *replies* *Nath is going home soon*

School trips.. Bills.. Flights home -nath

Flights home? *looks at you* to an empty house? what would be the point in that Nath? I have enough for the bills and i dont have any school trips coming up or anything. I’d rather you be with your family, Jess has been helping your mum by herself and she needs a little time to herself to be a kid. Youre going home, they need you

No Kass I can’t take anymore money from you.   I know you have paid for my hospital hills okay? No more… -nath

*Sighs* What else am i going to use the money on Nathan? *Looks at you*

tha other love of my life


tha other love of my life

Tyler Posey and Jennifer Lopez reunite after 12 years (2002-2014)



*nods* that’s good… *looks at you* after this s-semrster and w-when I get the money… I-im going home -nath

The semester is over soon Nath…i think you should just go home when youre released from here…Jess needs you and my uncle left me more money then usual when they went away this time, i can get you a plane ticket *nods*

*nods* how is she? -natg

Good *nods* her and her sister moved out and got their own place

*smiles a little* *nods* or just the haircut will do.. -nath

*kisses you softly* yeah…if you dyed your hair pink Nat isnt here to fix it anymore
*smiles a little* and maybe die it p-pink? -nath

Maybe *smiles and gently squeezes your hand* you can pull off pink hair pretty good

*nods* good

Great *leans over, moving the hair out of your face* you need a haircut soon Nath *smiles a little*

*looks at you* -nath

*Looks up at you as i see you turn to look at me* how are you feeling?

*sighs and flips through the channels* -nath

*Watches as you change the channels then looks at our hands*

*holds your hand watching TV* -nath

*Watches tv with you, randomly checking my phone*