Fuck It.
*smiles* -nath

Is that what you took away my phone for? A kiss? *holds your hand*

*kisses back* -nath

*Pulls away and smiles, looking at you*

*looks up at you* -nath

Yes? *Kisses you softly*

*lays my head on your lap* -nath

*Runs my hand through your hair and goes through my phone with the other hand* *pouts as you slide my phone out of my hands*

*nods* yeah *turns on the tv * -nath

*Goes through my phone while you watch a football game*

I still haven’t gotten used to not having my dad around *messes with the pillow* -nath

You probably wont get used to it…it will just get easier to deal with *shrugs and nods a little*

*shrugs* I’m fine thanks though *watches her leave* -nath

Its always weird coming to your house or Nats and seeing your family home almost all the time *looks at you then goes through my phone*

Better now -nath

*Nods* okay, im going to pick up Jess from her friends house do you want me to pick up some advil or anything for you? Do you need gauzes or have you stopped bleeding? -Karen

No I got it done *nods* -nath

Good, how do you feel? -Karen
*shakes my head* those were some weird drugs *laughs a little and holds your hand* *looks up when my mum walks down* hey mum -nath

*looks over at her* hi // Hello *smiles and looks at you* howd it go at the dentists, did you get it done or run out like you used to? -Karen

*nods* -nath

Good *smiles and cuddles into you* i still cant believe you thought there was a monkey in the kitchen *laughs a little*

*smiles and kisses you* -nath

*Kisses back softly* im guessing the pain meds are working fine?

*laughs* cause you are -nath

You sure youre not still feeling the effects from what the dentist gave you? *smiles and shakes my head*

Oh my god *blushes* -nath

*Smiles and puts my phone down when the video ends* oh and i didnt get it on video but you called me hot *laughs*

*nods a little and sits next to you* -nath

i only recorded you in the car, once we got here all you talked about was a monkey in the kitchen then you fell asleep *Gets my phone and plays the video for you*